How To Stop Buddy Punching

Buddy Punching, this is something that many restaurants and bars suffer from with 90%

of their employees. If you're not aware of "buddy punching" let me explain how it can make you lose sleep or worse your livelihood. So, what is "Buddy Punching"? You may ask. It is, where an employee who is running late calls their friend who's already at work and have them clock-in for them. An employee who really wants to get out of work early and knows that no one will check up on them, so they have their friend clock them out, or an employee leaves work and "forgets" to clock-out so a few hours later they call and as their buddy to clock them out.

See, where I'm going with this. But let's do go one further, let's break down the financials of what "Buddy Punching" can cost you not including the taxes but over-time pay (at time and a half):

Line Cook $12/hr x 40/hrs  = $480/wk x 52/wks = $24,960
"Buddy Punching" 5 hours/wk = $90 x 52/wks = $4,680

Dishwasher $10/hr x 40/hrs = $400/wk x 52/wks = $20,800
"Buddy Punching" 5 hours/wk = $75 x 52/wks = $3,900

Sous Chef $17/hr x 40/hrs = $680/wk x 52/wks = $35,360
"Buddy Punching" 5 hours/wk = $127.5 x 52/wks = $6,630

Bartender $5/hr x 40/hrs = $200/wk x 52/wks = $10,400
"Buddy Punching" 5 hours/wk = $37.5 x 52/wks = $1,950

Bar Manager $17/hr x 40/hrs = $680/wk x 52/wks = $35,360
"Buddy Punching" 5 hours/wk = $127.5 x 52/wks = $6,630

For the year "Buddy Punching" will cost you approximately $23,790. Now, if you haven't had a heart attack yet, add-on 2 more line cooks, 1 dishwasher, and 2 more bartenders, (breathe). The copious amounts of extra cash that many restaurateurs and bar owners lose every year from employee time theft is simply staggering. Yet no one thinks of it because it is not as blatant as other forms of theft. It also seems to many as though it is near impossible to control. That (my friend) is where you're wrong and I am going to show you why. Now, I am not saying you're wrong because I am sitting here gloating, but I get it, I understand that you're overwhelmed and bombarded with information every day from every angle you could possibly imagine. But the simple fact is, what you don't know can seriously harm you and/or your business and information is power.

SO - how do you stop "Buddy Punching"?

There is a company that is stopping "Buddy Punching" all-together. SekureID's Easy Clocking company has created a new employee time management system called Xenio which actually stands for "Genius". Yes, it really stands for that. While searching for systems that stop "Buddy Punching" for a client, I stumbled across this product, and right off the bat I was impressed. Here are some of the features for Xenio:

    • Fingerprint Biometrics (Unlike conventional “optical” fingerprint technologies used in fingerprint readers today; vulnerable to a variety of conditions including wet, dirty, dry, moisture and bright ambient light, our imaging system uses multiple wavelengths of light to capture an image of both a person’s external fingerprint and their identical “internal fingerprint” — the foundational capillary bed.)
    • Controlled Clock-in (as in if you're employee is scheduled for 8am, no more punching in early and options can be configured to stop employees from clocking in late after a set period.)
    • Cloud-Based (Xenio stores all data to be pushed in queue until internet or network connectivity is regained. The Easy Clocking Real Time Server communicates seamlessly with all Xenio devices.)
    • Messaging (Stay easily connected with employees by displaying messages directly on the screen when clocking in or out. Messages can be sent from external systems using the Real Time Device Server.)
    • Intelligent Push Technology (Xenio was designed with an intelligent push technology which automatically sends all data from Xenio back to the software in real time. )
    • Biometric Data (It is important to note that Easy Clocking’s biometric devices do not actually collect and store fingerprints. Instead, it saves a mathematical representation of the employee’s biometric data. When the biometric time clock scans a finger during a supervised enrollment process, only an encrypted mathematical representation of the fingerprint is stored. As a result, it’s virtually impossible to duplicate the original image from that mathematical representation.)

So what could you do with extra money in your bank account and more productive staff?

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