Social Media Is Not Just About Marketing


Social Media is about engagement which can be extremely beneficial to your business in ways that you probably never imagined. Let's take a look at the areas that offer the most value for your purpose.


Using the search traffic data from your accounts, on-site engagement and the listening skills first mentioned in What The F@$& Is Social Media? and then reiterated again in How Can Social Media Be A Springboard For Success In Other Marketing Channels? I can not stress enough the importance of listening to your audience. Your social media presence can help you determine what people are looking for and then create the necessary content that you need to fulfill their needs. Topics for content will more than likely be:

Learn and Improve: This type of content is created to help your audience understand what you or your business represent. This is used to build up your authority, increase engagement drive connections.

Explore and Discover: Customers who want to find out more about your business are looking for this type of content. This is where building relationships is going to be tantamount, these relationships are key to building your community.

This part deals with your customer service support. Something goes wrong and a customer seeks a valid solution. The main goal of this is to drive honest, authentic answers.

These are great starting points, but remember that customers also generate great content as well, and this can be ana amazing gift for your business. Other users could find this content interesting, intriguing, relevant and useful which completely benefits you in the long run.

Being engaging isn't always the end of it, you have to be able to read and understand your analytics. You can measure the conversations that you're having on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

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